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Secure transport for your cargo – just in time.

Entrust the transport of your goods to us for the best of care. We organise everything in a timely, careful and responsible fashion. We have the experience needed to be able to handle any unexpected situation. We have the energy and the will to do our very best to provide you with a reliable service. We are motivated by a desire to satisfy you so that you remain our long-standing customers.

Give yourself the luxury of peace of mind … leave all the details to us!

about us

We established Shalamanovi EOOD in 2014 after many years’ experience in the transport and logistics industry.

Our Company Founder, and Manager, Julia Shalamanova is a freight-forwarder with more than ten years’ experience in organizing and transporting groupage (general goods) and ‘whole loads’ from the Balkan Peninsula throughout Scandinavia. She earned the trust of customers and carriers alike and this allows her to successfully continue her long-standing work through her own company.

Until the end of 2019, we concentrated on transporting goods to and throughout Scandinavia, using our own transport. At the beginning of 2020, we focussed on transporting groupage shipments with hired vehicles.

Now the company offers weekly groupage services from Greece and Bulgaria to Sweden and Norway and back. We offer transport of goods to and from Denmark, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We only employ vehicles from carriers with proven experience in these destinations, who are familiar with and prepared for the specific requirements of the Scandinavian transport market, and drivers who are well acquainted with the peculiarities of the Northern destinations. All vehicles are covered by ‘Carrier’s Liability‘ insurance and Shalamanovi EOOD has a full ‘Freight Forwarder’s Liability‘ policy in place. This is essential to offering a quality and safe transport service to our customers.

Our team is small, but well trained and fully prepared to fulfil your needs in the most appropriate and responsible way. The values underpinning our business are ‘integrity‘ and ‘honesty‘. We insist on an open and honest relationship with each partner and personal treatment for each client, thus building mutual trust and long-term cooperation.


We arrive on time because we are not in a hurry.

Transport and Forwarding Services

Transportation of whole and groupage cargo in the following directions:

International transport

  • from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland … and back;
  • from and to Poland and the Baltic states.

Transport within Bulgaria

  • throughout the country;
  • employing vehicles of 13,60 or 15,40 metres up to 24 tons;
  • using solo vehicles, with or without drop boards, from 3,5 to 10 tons;
  • allocating vans.

To offer a quality service, we rely on our long-standing partners with vehicles of appropriate sizes, volumes and load capacities. For domestic transport, in Bulgaria, we have established a network of subcontractors whose honesty and reliability have been proven over our many years of working together.

Ensure peace of mind by taking advantage of our Freight Forwarding Services. We take care of every aspect of the organization of the transport of your goods. You don’t have to worry about the details because that’s what we do. We take care of all the paperwork and manage the entire transport process by:

  • organizing the internal transport of shipments, big or small, from your warehouse or production facility to our terminal;
  • preparing all necessary transport documentation for your cargo;
  • providing customs representation within and outside the country;
  • delivering your smaller shipments (via our Partners’ terminals in Norway, Sweden and Finland) to the northernmost points of the Scandinavian peninsula;
  • arranging additional cargo insurance for your load, when you request it.

Save time and money … put your trust in us.

Freight Forwarding Services specific to the characteristics of your cargo.

Ferry bookings

Request your ferry booking online at:

We offer ferry bookings, for trucks, on all routes to and from the Scandinavian countries with most of the ferry services having traffic in the region.

Why make your booking with us? Because:

  • we book your ticket, in minutes, at competitive prices;
  • if we need to change your booking, we will do so at no extra charge;
  • there is no need for you to pay any extra fees on location. You will pay for the service, in Bulgaria, against an invoice issued by us;
  • our experience enables us to offer you an optimal route for your vehicle.

We provide a guaranteed ‘Quality of Service’ through our long-standing partnership with some of Scandinavia’s most prominent ferry agencies.


To provide a comprehensive service we have a covered warehouse of 620 square metres. This allows for dry short-term storage and processing of your shipments. We organize the entire transport process. From your specified source address to your desired ultimate destination, we can:

  • provide internal transport from / to your or your customer’s address to / from our terminal in Bulgaria using large and small trucks, with or without drop boards;
  • offer shipment consolidation. We can pick up several shipments, from different points, and consolidate them into one or several shipments for one (or more) of your customers;
  • if necessary, palletize and pack your freight appropriately to ensure reliable and safe transportation;
  • store your shipments on a short-term basis, for up to 10 days;
  • undertake loading and unloading, with lifting equipment or by hand when necessary.

Your cargo will be in a secure, guarded, warehouse and benefit from additional property insurance!

why choose us

Because we:

  • transport and deliver your freight safely and on time;
  • take into account the particular needs of different types and volumes of shipments;
  • select the optimal route to minimize your transport costs;
  • offer realistic delivery times;
  • keep you informed about the progress of your cargo throughout the transport process.

and because…

You, our customers are our partners. We have a common cause. When you are happy, we are happy. Good, honest, and open relationships, matter to us. Respect and satisfaction are mutual. We believe that, with professionalism, goodwill, and determination, we will overcome any challenge.

We are experienced and willing. We know how to be of service to you. Please contact us.

contact us

Yuliya Shalamanova

+(359) 89 663 3151

For contact the warehouse:

+(359) 89 855 0563